OPS Weekly Newsletter 19 November

  1. Last week’s meeting – Digital Projected Image Competition no. 2 

The results of Digital Projected Image Competition no. 2 were:

First Pete Warrington Brief Encounter, Berkshire Downs
Second John Boteler Two Dogs on the Beaxch
Third Keith Worthington Feed Me
Highly Commended John Boteler Lady at Tysore Windmill
Highly Commended Les Gordon Bee-eater with Dragonfly
Highly Commended Keith Worthington Puffin
Commended Mike Ashcroft After a Lunchtime Pint
Commended Alan Lewis Egret
Commended Habip Kocak Women
Commended Willaim Hall French Cooking

Congratulations to all. All the entries to the competition are here: http://oxfordphotosociety.co.uk/competition-images/wppaspec/oc1/lnen/cv0/ab30

Also congratulations to everyone who got images accepted for the Smethwick International Salon and special congratulation to Keith who smashed it with a silver, a bronze, two certifications and nine acceptances.

  1. Next Tuesday’s meeting: Lightroom/Bridge file management and editing

With Brian Worsley. More details here: http://oxfordphotosociety.co.uk/opsevent/being-worked-on-tba/

  1. Upcoming meetings in November and December

Tuesday 28 November: Living and working as a professional photographer in Namibia

Scott Hurd via zoom. More details here: http://oxfordphotosociety.co.uk/opsevent/wildlife-from-namibia/


Tuesday 5 December: Two forms of documentary photography and a discussion on AI

With Bharat Patel and Phil Joyce. A shared evening with both members talking about their own individual styles of images and projects. Finally doing a shared spot to discuss AI and how it will affect photography.

Tuesday 12 December: In the Footsteps of Shackleton with Eddy Lane

The wildlife, frozen landscapes and history from two expeditions to the Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctica

Tuesday 19 December: Christmas Club Night

A social evening where we will run our second group event of sharing and viewing each others images 4/6 per table. And maybe some mince pies and a glass of fizz. Run by Helen Webb

Happy Christmas. and farewell to our first half of the season.

  1. General photographic interest

One camera and two lenses is all you need…

It is not an urban photo myth that photographers used to rent equipment for shoots that they would never use just to look more ‘professional’. Boxes of lights, bodies and lenses would be ordered and paid for by a client but never used. Some in the advertising business still seem to hold this archaic view of what constitutes professionalism.


A Photo Appreciation of Star Forts

Star forts, or bastion forts, are a type of fortification that first emerged more than 500 years ago in response to the growing power of cannons on the battlefield, with sloped walls and angled bastions that allowed defenders better coverage above any attackers. These polygonal or star-shaped defensive structures were built in locations around the world by kingdoms, revolutionaries, colonial forces, commercial entities, and more. Although most have outlived their military usefulness, dozens of these forts still survive, now renovated as museums, tourist attractions, hotels, or city parks.


‘Wonderful decay’: photos pay tribute to rust and peeling paint of rainy Wales

David Wilson’s new book of images reveals the artistry of objects just about withstanding the elements


‘These kids mattered’: Tish Murtha’s images of childhood poverty in the UK – in pictures

The British photographer, who is the subject of a new documentary, lived through Thatcherism and the painful decline it caused in her native north east of England – yet her images capture the humanity that shone through


The 2023 BirdLife Australia photography winners – in pictures

Superb singers, pollen showers and some jambalaya on the bayou. The winners of the sixth annual BirdLife Australia Bird Photography awards have been announced


Tish review – an engrossing portrait of the Tyneside photographer

Tish Murtha’s anger, humour and energy live on in Paul Sng’s fine documentary, with Murtha’s daughter an invaluable guide



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