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We share our passion for photography, and explore opportunities to develop our skills in the art form.


  • Last meeting – “Street Photography My Way” with Peter Crane Peter retired in 2009 and joined a camera club. In 2010 he heard about and joined the RPS London Street Walk and later joined a similar one in Bath and became a ‘street photographer’ – photographing people on the street. He also became a camera club judge and started giving talks to camera clubs and this one was his hundredth talk. His other ‘hobby’ is angling and he likens street photography to angling: you catch a moment, which will be a chance event, you need to be alert and switched on, and you need a bit of confidence and patience.



  • The Oxford Photographic Society launched a new exhibition called “My Oxford” at the Westgate Library this week. The exhibition, which lasts for three weeks, shows the people, streets, meadows, buildings and bicycles of the city through the lens of the Society’s members. “We are very grateful to the library for generously giving us the space to show our members’ photographic interpretation of Oxford. We hope the people of Oxford will enjoy the photographs on show and inspire them to take photos of this city of contrasts,” said Ian Bray, Chair of the Oxford Photographic Society.



Oxford Photographic Society continues to be one of the UK’s leading photographic societies and our aim is to promote an appreciation of all forms of photography, as well as encourage participation no matter what your level of experience or area of interest – newcomers are very welcome.



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