New season begins Tuesday 5 September

New season begins Tuesday 5 September

I hope you have all had a good break and have many photographs to share for our new season. If you have visited the website you will see that Keith has done a great deal of work and it is an impressive job at transforming it. Les has also prepared a varied and stimulating programme for us all.

  1. Annual subscriptions

Keith sent an email on 7 August about paying our annual subscriptions. If you cannot find it in your email inbox below is the information on payments he sent:

With the programme starting on 5th September, we would appreciate your commitment by paying your annual subscription.

You can do this via the website at or directly to our bank account using the details below.

Subscription details for the coming season reflect changes that were proposed and accepted at the AGM and are as follows: –

  • Full annual membership £48.00
  • Joint membership £88.00

For those of you who are associate members because you have moved away from the area, please email me if you wish to continue. The annual cost is £25. Please note if you are an associate you are required to pay the visitors fee for attending meetings whether in the band hall . This year’s “visitors fee” will be £5.

Early membership payment is appreciated and will be accepted now. This can be done in the following ways.

Payment directly to the club’s bank account for online bankers is always appreciated. The details for this are:

Bank: Barclays

Account Name: Oxford Photographic Society

Account Number: 60707872

Sort Code: 20-65-18

Please include your name as a reference.

For those wishing to pay via debit or with credit cards, this will be available via “stripe” using the following link under “Store”:

Payment can also be made directly to the above bank account via “the high street banks”.

Confirmation of receipt will be made by email.

Remember Fully Paid up membership is a prerequisite for entering club competitions, for entering the annual exhibition, £2 attendance at band hall and joining in with special interest groups etc.

Where your renewal has not been completed by 30th September, members’ details will be deleted from the web site and their email addresses will be removed from the members’ circulation list.

Associate members and visitors will be required to pay the visitor fee, of £5, prior to the meeting.

  1. Our first meeting Tuesday 5 September at 7:30 pm

Our new seasons kicks off on Tuesday 5 September with an evening of high-quality images by a certain Mr. Peter Warrington entitled: My Dip into Infra-Red and Other Photos. He will be showing us with a range of images in Mono using Infra-Red as well as his amazing eye for things seen in a different way.

  1. Upcoming meetings in September

Tuesday 12 September 2023 7:30 pm

“The Beauty of Wildlife” first half – “First Contact” Second half of the evening

Craig Jones, Wildlife Photographer

Tuesday 19 September 2023 7:30 pm

Story Telling for photographers

JP Stone via Zoom in the Band Hall

Tuesday 26 September 2023 7:30 pm

Take 5 Competition

Our Annual Take 5 extravaganza where members submit 5 of their best images and the attendees on the night vote for each image.

The totals are added up and the winner announced the following week.

  1. Change to scoring of Take 5

At the AGM we explained the need for changing the way we score Take 5 so that all members who enter are scored in the same way.

To recap on what happens with the scoring: Members who have entered images into Take 5, and are present in the Hall on the evening, receive votes from everyone else in the Hall on their entries plus they score full marks on their own images. Members who have entered images into Take 5 but, for whatever reason, have not been able to attend, receive votes from everyone in the Hall but do not vote full marks on their own images.

For example: If there were 10 members in the Hall, each member in the Hall would get the nine votes from other members plus their own ‘full marks’ vote.

Those who entered but didn’t manage to attend would get the full 10 votes but would not be given their ‘full marks’ votes.

So that everyone who enters is voted in the same way, we need to give the members not attending their ‘full marks’ vote. But we don’t want the members who can’t attend to have 10 votes plus their own ‘full makes’ votes as that would be unfair to everyone else.

Therefore, we need to take away one of their votes from the other 10 members so that the score is nine votes plus their full marks vote. But how do we choose the one to take away? To do this we need to find an average score by dividing total score by 10. This will mean all individual scores will be the same, and it doesn’t which one we chose as every score is the same.

We now multiple the average score by nine and then we add the member’s ‘full marks’ vote. That way the member not attending gets nine votes plus her/his own ‘full marks’ vote – the same as everyone else.

This way all members who have entered are scored the same way: number of members voting in the Hall minus one, plus member’s own ‘full marks’ vote. Everyone is scored the same way irrespective of whether they are in the Hall or not. Sadly those not in the Hall miss out on viewing what is always an impressive array of images.

And if you’re still awake after that…

  1. General photographic interest

Photoshop Virtual Summit 5: 30 October – 3 November

This online-only Summit will run the same as past events: 5 days, 20 instructors teaching 40 classes – that you can watch for FREE. The instructor roster includes all your favourites from past Summits:

Aaron Nace, Anthony Morganti, Ben Willmore, Bert Monroy, Blake Rudis, Colin Smith, Corey Barker, Daniel Gregory, Glyn Dewis, Jesús Ramirez, Khara Plicanic, Kirk Nelson, Kristina Sherk, Lisa Carney, Matt Kloskowski, Nicole Young, Sebastian Michaels, Therea Jackson, Tim Grey…and me :). That list includes best-selling authors, top YouTube instructors, MAX Masters, and members of the Photoshop Hall of Fame!

You can get all the details and sign up by CLICKING THIS LINK

Ballarat International Foto Biennale 2023: from mullets to Muhammad Ali – in pictures

Glossy portraits, a celebration of mullets and celebrity Polaroids from the 70s and 80s are all part of this year’s program of the photographic festival, now in its 19th year

Pembrokeshire: Photographer captures beauty of national park

With its otters, puffins, castles, miles of golden sands and dark starry skies there can be few counties more photogenic than Pembrokeshire.

North east England photo shortlist celebrates ‘beauty of region’

Sea-swimmers, sheep and fiery skies are among the shortlisted images for a photography prize celebrating the “unique beauty” of the North East.

Black and White Photo Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the Black and White Photo Awards 2023 have been announced with Patrice Quillard emerging as the ‘Absolute Winner’ and a €1000. His image of a gelada baboon staring directly into the camera triumphed over the 3000 monochrome images that were submitted for the competition across five categories: Architecture,  Street, Landscape, Portrait as well as Flora and Fauna.

Weather Photographer of the Year 2023 shortlist announced

The Royal Meteorological Society has announced the shortlist for this year’s Weather Photographer of the Year. Raising awareness of environmental issues and showcasing the world’s most striking weather, the finalists are made up of impressive landscape photography, street images and more from amateur and professional photographers from 94 countries.


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