Members’ meetings – tips tricks and transparencies

Last week’s meeting – Members’ meetings – tips tricks and transparencies


Dave Atkinson gave us an interesting look at Topaz DeNoise AI software focusing on its latest upgrade allowing the software to deal with, and save RAW files. Previous versions of DeNoise did not allow files to be saved as RAW. Now that can be done but after processing the RAW file’s size is very large. If you are interested in Topaz DeNoise AI then here is a good introductory video

Dave Belcher then gave his top tips on what to carry in your camera bag. First of all consider get a ‘half-case’ to protect your camera, it will not only protect but have ‘grip’ for easier handling.

In your bag always carry

  • some chamois leather cloth for cleaning your gear, lenses, filters etc
  • a blow brush
  • a small spray bottle of distilled water – it doesn’t leave marks after cleaning
  • optical wipes
  • a list of equipment you need to pack – always check this before you leave the house – there were lots of tales of members forgetting to take ‘memory’ cards to a shoot.

John Boteler then showed us his Christmas present of a slide copier which allows slides to be photographed on a mobile phone. He then delighted us with the results – old shots of a much younger John and shots of precious family moments from the past.


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