OPS Weekly Newsletter 28 January 2024

  • The 13 February annual panel competition will be re-scheduled to later in the season. More details later.
  • Our second exhibition at the Central Library in the Westgate shopping centre will run from 19 February for three weeks. The theme is My Oxford. Please start selecting your prints that express your personal take on Oxford.


  1. Last meeting – Members’ images from a night walk around Oxford


There was a very good mix of members’ images from the evening photo walk around Oxford. Members in the hall engaged in discussion around the images and at least one person expressed their disappointment that they missed the photo walk due to illness. There was also unanimous agreement that we do the same again later in the season. Taking photos on a Tuesday evening appears to be a popular activity at the club.


  1. Next week’s meeting Tuesday 30 January: Digital Lecture TALKING PICTURES with Chris Palmer

A welcome return to Chris Palmer who has been a favourite amongst our judges and now this evening he will be giving his talk called “Talking Pictures”.


His talk alludes to the fact that he will be talking about his pictures but more importantly what are the pictures we view say back us/you the Viewer. The image should communicate with the viewer. He will discuss camera craft, and skills and the way he photographs when on location. He will cover Landscape, Urban, Monochrome, and beach photography.


  1. Upcoming meetings in January and February


Tuesday 6 February: “The Art of Paper Selection” with Colin Hurley from Permajet

The Art of paper selection. Colin who works for the Imaging Warehouse will be talking about the wide range of papers that can be used for printing and what the outcome would be for choosing the wrong paper.


Colin has offered as a goodwill gesture, pleased to provide OPS members with the following voucher codes to use on either the Permajet or Photographic Academy website.




This entitles the member to 20% discount off any Permajet branded paper and FREE delivery. (www.permajet.com).




This entitles the member to 25% discount off selected (*) courses held at our Photographic Academy. (www.thephotographicacademy.co.uk).


Tuesday 13 February: evening currently re-scheduled – more details later



Tuesday 20 February: “Street Photography My Way” with Peter Crane

Peter Crane’s talk is a dpi lecture entitled ‘Street Photography My Way’, it’s where he take you into his world of Street Photography, covering in particular the various techniques, tips and the equipment he uses – Seeing and catching moments in time that thew OPS club members will hopefully relate to.


Tuesday 27 February: Rosebowl Competition Via Zoom – Hosted by OPS

Round 3 with Oxford PS, Wantage CC, Croxley CC and Harrow CC.


  1. Photo themed events in Oxford


History and Myth in Painting, Sculpture and Photography

Discover how historical events, myths and stories from the ancient world have inspired artists through an investigation of a variety of works from the ancient world to the present day

10am – 4pm/£41.00/Mon 5th Feb 24 Oxford University Dept. of Continuing Education – Rewley House Dept. of Continuing Education 1 Wellington Square Oxford


Natural Photography Workshop

Leave the cameras at home and try a photography workshop with a difference. Create your own beautiful prints from plants and explore a new experimental photographic technique that references Sir John Frederick William Herschel’s discoveries in the 1800s

10.30am – 2.30pm/£50/Wed 3rd Jul 24Harcourt Arboretum Nuneham Courtenay


Meadow photography course

Capture our wonderful meadow in bloom in the summer whilst exploring the Arboretum. Learn various methods to photograph trees, plants and views with your own camera

10.30am – 1pm/£50/Sat 15th Jun 24Harcourt Arboretum Nuneham Courtenay


Bluebell photography course

Capture spring’s stunning display of colours whilst exploring the Arboretum. Learn various methods to photograph trees, plants and views with your own camera

10.30am – 1pm/£50/Sat 4th May 24Harcourt Arboretum Nuneham Courtenay


Eco-Friendly Photo Developers OVADA

Learn how to use plant-based chemicals to make your own eco-friendly photography developers.

10-1pm/Standard Cost: £75 / Pay Less: £60 / Pay more: £90/Sat 24th Feb 24 OVADA Warehouse14A Osney Lane Oxford


Chemigrams with Sally Gunnett OVADA

Learn about an alternative photographic technique that uses household substances to create images.

2-5pm/£37.50 – £62.50/Sat 24th Feb 24 OVADA Warehouse14A Osney Lane Oxford


Launch Event | Elena Gallina, Çiknia jonë: Our Girlhood Rhodes Trust

Explore the Kosovar practice of collecting and trading paper napkins at this photography exhibition.

6:30pm/Free/Thu 29th Feb 24Rhodes House South Parks Road Oxford


  1. Photo exhibitions further afield


One Year! Photographs from the Miners’ Strike 1984/85 exhibition

Four decades after the brutal industrial dispute, a new exhibition looks back at the photography that came to symbolise the British state’s abuse of power.

Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol, 18 January to 31 March.



Best photography exhibitions to see in 2024

One of the best ways to gain inspiration for your photography and exploring different styles is by experiencing and viewing the work of other photographers and artists. We’ve put together a selection of the best exhibitions on around the UK during 2024 to see photography; including exhibitions that present photographs alongside other disciplines.


Below, you’ll find the information you need including dates, location and ticket details to plan your trips.



  1. General photographic interest


The Inside Story of Josef Koudelka’s Groundbreaking Career

From his legendary coverage of the 1968 invasion of Prague to his reflections on the solitude of exile, Koudelka is renowned for his photographs of pivotal world events. Here, Melissa Harris speaks about working with the photographer on his visual biography.



‘I have nothing and everything’: America’s young travellers – in pictures

Hitching rides and hopping trains offers an escape from misery for many young people in the US. But, as Michael Joseph’s photographs and the stories behind them attest, the freedom of the road can come at a cost



Working late: London’s shopfronts in winter – in pictures

Shot between November 2023 and January 2024, this series explores the dark early evenings of winter when businesses are illuminated with a surprising range and intensity of colours



The story behind this award-winning ‘abandoned’ dog photo

Photographer Jessica McGovern has won the title of Overall International Photographer of the Year 2024 at the Societies of Photographers 20×16 Print Competition as well as winning the Open Category for her photograph of an ‘abandoned’ dog in the rain that moved judges to tears during the competition‘s judging process.



Make a photography book

In this last tutorial for our Turning Pro week, Rod Lawton pulls out all the stops and shows how to make a book from your photos, once you have edited them to your satisfaction. You can create and print out a physical book or save it as a PDF eBook.



RPS Workshops

Learn something new, hone your skills and expand your knowledge with a photography workshop from the RPS.



The experts: photographers on 20 easy, enjoyable ways to vastly improve your pictures

We are all photographers now, with a phone in our pocket ready to capture life, love and everything in between – which, quite often, is incredibly mundane, such as what we had for lunch. But how can you make sure you are taking the best possible pictures? Here, photographers share their top tips.




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