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Photo Awards

There are three photographic organisations in the UK running Photographic merit award systems, the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain and the Royal Photographic Society and the British Photographic Exhibitions. Each offer awards at different levels of ability, these are all recognised throughout the photographic community.

The PAGB awards of merit are achieved by submitting 10, 15 or 20 pictures dependent on level, these are judged individually and scored out of 30 the average pass mark is higher at each level and the judges mark against different criteria for each level. For more details click PAGB

The RPS awards also require a different number of pictures to be submitted for each level, the images are assessed as a coherent panel, and the judges confer, coming to a majority agreement that the pictures are of the correct standard. LRPS Licentiateship is the entry level the next two levels of awards are ARPS Associateship and FRPS Fellowship . These require a written statement for the theme of the panel, to be considered along with the pictures.

The BPE (British Photographic Exhibitions) issue awards in the form of crown awards, for the numbers of acceptances from individual photographers accepted in the member exhibitions, for a full listing of exhibitions and details see the link below.

Oxford Photographic society actively encourages its member to gain awards and help is always at hand with selecting pictures, laying out panels and supporting members on their assessment days.

There is currently an active group of members who are actively seeking an award with PAGP. Contact a member of the Committee if you are interested.

OPS now has the third highest number of members with photographic awards in the UK, this is a testimonial of the support within the club and the standard of photography of our members.

Under our Gallery menu you will find a number of successful panels of pictures at all the award levels along with accounts from our members about their award experiences.

These links are to web sites where you can find out more.