Due to the current Covid Crisis the club has exceptionally extended its year and is continuing to organise Club Nights, via Zoom on a Tuesday at 19:30.  Members’ enthusiasm for these extra sessions is being reviewed on a monthly basis.

Information is being sent via a weekly email – if you haven’t received this, please get in contact.

Table Top Workshop @ Oxford Photographic Society
Mar 17 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Table Top Workshop

A practical evening with Damon Guy He says bring a camera , tripod and an off-camera flash if you have one. He will bring a variety of lights with the intention of showing people how to use them using simple things they find in the home to set up their own projects after the evening. There will be 4 different set ups to practice with.

Damon’s web site is www.photokonnexion.com

Panel Competition @ Oxford Photographic Society
Mar 24 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Jeff Lawrence CPAGB, LRPS from Crowthorne will judge tonight’s competition.

Nigel Goldsmith – The Missing Manual @ ZOOM
Mar 31 @ 19:30 – 22:00

As “Lockdown” descends on us all; we are delighted to bring you your Tuesday club night via ZOOM.

Our first Zoom session will welcome photographer Nigel Goldsmith who will run an interactive class on ways you never thought you could use the camera on your phone and why you should try.

Content will cover features commonly found in a mid-range IOS or Android device and ideas for pictures you can take during lockdown. He will return next week to review your pictures.

As mentioned in the previous email, part of tonight’s presentation will be interactive; if you would like to join in it may be good to:

  • make sure your phone is charged
  • as you will be using your phone during the session, maybe use another device to watch the presentation
  • try to find some black material to use as a background and some dark or black objects to sit on it
  • have a length of string around 4 meters long and some scissors


Members in Focus – Bharat Patel @ ZOOM
Apr 7 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Nigel Goldsmith – Challenge Photos Review

Bharat Patel – Indian Weddings

Having returned from his travels earlier than expected due to the current Corona Virus epidemic, Bharat will join us tonight to share the photos from his recent Wedding project.


Daniel Trim – My Photography Journey, Part 1 @ ZOOM
Apr 14 @ 19:30 – 22:00
Wildlife photographer, Daniel Trim, will talk about how he got into photography, some turning points/inspiration, styles/subjects he loves as well as touching on the benefits of staying local (will tag in garden photography at that point!).
In covering the above he will share a range of photos from mudskippers in Thailand to his local brown hares as well as lots of urban wildlife photography (his favoured style and which has served him well in competitions like BWPA).
Daniel will set a challenge and return on 28 April to review your pictures, choose a favourite and present the second half of his talk.
Digital Competition – Judge Chris Palmer @ ZOOM
Apr 21 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Chris Palmer will join us to judge the digital print competition.

Upload your images to via the club website by Saturday 18 April.

Daniel Trim – My Photographic Journey, Part 2 @ ZOOM
Apr 28 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Daniel Trim – Challenge review

Daniel Trim – Part 2

Mimi Mollica – Long Term Projects & Career Highlights @ ZOOM
May 5 @ 19:30 – 22:30

Mimi will engage in a discussion and informal presentation of his long term projects and career highlights.

From the early days that inspired him to work on in-depth reportages  to his multi awarded documentaries Terra Nostra, En Route To Dakar, Nora There and more…Mimi will show extracts from a few projects and go through the concept, development and production behind a successful piece of work.

Mimi will be happy to answer the questions from the audience and will give a challenge to be completed in the weeks to come.

Mimi Mollica


Members in Focus – Girls Night @ ZOOM
May 12 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Magda Wolner – Review Daniel Trim Challenge photos

This will be followed by six short presentations from some of the ladies in the group:

  • Helen Stewart
  • Greet Blom
  • Sandra Devaney
  • Jill Bain
  • Michele Peters
  • Magda Wolner

If you have a project you have been working on, or have accumulated a collection of photos you would like to share – please contact Sandra D – it could be anything from 5 – 90 minutes – we can accommodate anyone!

Mimi Challenge + 10 Best Pictures set to music @ ZOOM
May 19 @ 19:30 – 20:30

Tonight’s meeting will start with the return of award winning photographer, Mimi Mollica who will review your pictures in response to his recent challenge. After he has made comments, he will choose a favorite.

The Challenge review will be followed by the popular annual “10 Favorite Images, set to music” event. Traditionally this evening has been part of the end of year celebration.

As you know, the club usually ends its year at the end of May so members can go on their travels and enjoy a summer of taking lots of photos. As life is currently limiting everyone’s opportunities to get out and travel, we plan, for the foreseeable future, to continue with Zoom meetings.

The 10 favorite images session is a celebration of everyone’s pictures from the year, please go to the members upload page to have your images included. Deadline for submissions is midnight on Saturday 16th.


You will need to log in (top right) then click on the relevant drop down link – any problems, please speak to John Bull


AGM – Spring Competition Results @ ZOOM
May 26 @ 19:30 – 22:30

Please join us for the most important evening of the year – The AGM.  This is the night when the previous year is reviewed, the new committee are elected, plans for the forthcoming year start – its your club, so please ensure you are with us to help shape its future.


Once the formal business is finished, the results of Ivor’s Spring Competition will be announced.


2020 AGM will, exceptionally, be held via ZOOM due to the Covid Lockdown.

Andy Small – An Artistic Approach to Plant & Flower Photography @ ZOOM
Jun 2 @ 19:30 – 22:30

Delighted to welcome Andy Small who specialises in macro flower photography and photographs of nature and landscapes, particularly of the British Isles.  Andy has found success by being one of the UK’s most original, artistic and influential flower photographers who exhibits regularly at events in the UK and regularly runs flower photography workshops at RHS Wisley.

His talk will focus on showing an artistic approach to flower and plant photography. It will be a chronological look at how his images have developed with insights into the studio equipment and set ups he has used to create them.  He will cover,  amongst other things, how the use of colour and composition are important in his images.  He will also touch on how he has been able to make a living from his photography.

Andy Small Photography

Mike Martin – Portrait Photography, Tips & Tricks @ ZOOM
Jun 9 @ 19:30 – 22:30

During this evenings presentation, Mike will talk about his approach to creative portrait photography including examples from his recent Welsh Associate Panel.  He will share tips and tricks to help you get the most from your pictures as well as demonstrating with before and after photos the impact you can make with Photoshop.  After coffee, Mike will talk about his lockdown images which appeared in this month’s edition of The PAGB news.

Mike is a photography enthusiast who particularly enjoys creative portraiture and messing about in Photoshop.  He enjoys the challenges of entering competitions across multiple genres (with some success) and has written for or been featured in several photography magazines over the years.  More recently he has gained his Welsh Associateship and AFIAP qualifications but as a print maker (sponsored by Fotospeed) he regards selection for the PAGB Masters of Print exhibition last year as one of his highlights, matched by medal successes in International Salons.

Mike is keen to encourage / develop others and has been giving lectures to camera clubs for about three years, runs studio sessions for his current and former camera club, volunteers for the Photographers with Disabilities Group locally, runs the portrait and editing modules in the BPS annual photography course and is the lead judge for the NPS monthly competitions.


Glyn Dewis – The Power Of Personal Projects @ ZOOM
Jun 16 @ 19:30 – 22:30
Members in Focus + Andy Small Challenge Feedback @ ZOOM
Jun 23 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Recording of Evening can be found at:



Phil Joyce – Book Making @ ZOOM
Jun 30 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Phil will present an introduction to book design and production including a live demonstration using Blurb software.




OPS Members in Focus – Linda Wride @ ZOOM
Jul 14 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Linda Wride – Facing up to it – overcoming my fear of photographing strangers

As someone who is more comfortable taking pictures of buildings, photographing people (other than my family) was way outside my comfort zone.  I’d been put off by being verbally assaulted whilst trying to capture people having fun at St Giles Fair.  For a long time afterwards, I’d only take people pictures from a distance or while they were distracted and wouldn’t notice, or if I could compose a shot without including a recognisable face…just in case I found myself confronted by someone who didn’t want to be photographed.

That changed In 2016 when I visited Cuba, a country where almost everyone WANTS to have their photo taken!  Since then I’ve very gradually grown in confidence and (I hope) ability to take a portrait of someone I don’t know, that both the subject and I feel comfortable with.  I’ll take you on this photographic journey so you can decide for yourself whether I’ve managed to overcome my fear of photographing strangers.

Due to the success of the Member in Focus evenings, we plan to schedule more into our calendar.  If you have pictures you would like to share, please drop me an email. Any length from 5 minutes to an hour would be welcome.

Jason Dodd @ ZOOM
Jul 21 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Jason Dodd


My journey from an 8 year old with a 35mm Pentax BC1 to being a professional photographer for the last 15 years.

Cars have played a big part, and the story will run through the business template over the years including my commercial work and university lecturing.



OPS Members in Focus @ ZOOM
Jul 28 @ 19:30 – 22:00

Anthony Cohen
Adrian Cubitt – The Video Button
Dave Atkinson
Helen Webb
Les Gordon


Some of these go back a very long way, but they have really come back to life through my use of a high res scanner and software to clean up the images (which is fun and taking up a lot of my time).  These might include, for example, a series of images about village life that I took in the Indian Himalaya in the mid ’70s.  I could also include a variety of my more recent digital images that I particularly like, based around a few loose themes – people, landscapes, seascapes etc.

Guy Edwardes @ ZOOM
Aug 4 @ 19:30 – 22:00

“Seeing the Light – 25 years of landscape and nature photography technique” 

The presentation includes atmospheric and dramatic images of landscapes and wildlife from around the world with a continuous commentary explaining the techniques and thought processes involved in taking the images.