ZOOM Presentation – Phil Savoie with his talk “The Principles of Photography talk”
March 12, 2024 7:30 pm
Phil Savoie
Phil Savoie talk is geared to inform everyone from the seasoned pro to beginners.

The talk contains a significant chapter on Astrophotography. He address the often overlooked topics covered in Principles of Photography.


My passion for photography and fascination with the natural world began at a young age.  As luck would have it I was invited to join the BBC Natural History Unit in 1994, for a curious, photography obsessed, field biologist this was a dream come true.  Revealing our natural world with camera and pen I was able to author films as well as contribute to projects large and small.  And experience the rarified thrill of hearing Sir David Attenborough eloquently describe my pictures on telly. Natural History Unit assignments allowed me to explore the jungles of the Amazon, Congo and Papua New Guinea as well as reveal the surprising hidden nature on our doorsteps.  Without question, the best job on the planet.  As the first self-shooting staff filmmaker I’m privileged to have my work included on a range of projects including Planet EarthLife of MammalsDeep JungleCongoWild AfricaLife in the Undergrowth and the Natural World series. Honored with BAFTA, EMMY and CINE noms & nods including Outstanding Individual Achievement in Cinematography from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.  My still photography is published worldwide and has been recognized by the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year.  I’m a freelance camera slinger now with the same fire in the belly as when I started.  From early days picture editing National Geographic staff in New York to the pre-production task of testing the lenses and cameras used for Planet Earth.  I’ve taught film/photography as a University professor, hosted workshops and lead tours for over twenty years.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology/Ecology, a Master of Science in Photography and a Master of Fine Arts in Film.  Photography and curiosity are everything.  And for the past 25 years you’ll find me in the lush green Welsh valleys I call home, camera in hand chasing swallows, bumblebees and the Milky Way.

Documentary, Landscape, Night life, Travel, Wildlife
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