OPS Weekly Newsletter 8 October

  • This Tuesday please bring four of your images for evaluation and review by fellow members.
  • Competition coming up soon: Tuesday 24 October: Print Competition 1. Please start selecting and printing your entries.
  • Matriculation is this Saturday. Lots of young students walking around in their formal sub fusc.
  • Members news:
    • Watch Bharat’s interview on You Tube. See link below
    • Go to Uwe’s and Bharat’s exhibition. See more below
    • Carmelina is looking for a photographer to take some pictures at a 70th birthday in central Oxford on Sunday 3rd December at lunchtime. See more below.

  1. Last week’s meeting – Digital Projected Image No. 1

The results for our first DPI were as follows:

First: Helen Webb – Ground Squirrel

Second: John Boteler – Bats Head, Dorset

Third: Pete Warrington – Kaz

Highly Commended: Adrian Cubitt – Bee Happy

Highly Commended: Helen Webb – Hyena with Kill

Highly Commended: Dave McKay – Bee Wolf with Honey Bee

Commended: Dave Belcher – Great Owl in Flight

Commended: Rob Ferrands – Phone Message on the corner of Turl Street

Commended: Willie Hall – Morning Hare

Commended: Keith Worthington – Feeding Time

Congratulations to all.

  1. This coming meeting: Members’ Image Discussion – Members to bring 4 images per person for evaluation and review.

Something a little different this evening. Instead of sitting in reverence silence as the speakers gives a presentation members will be split up into groups of 4/6 per table. Each member will present their images for discussion, critique, evaluation and review.

Organised by Helen Webb. Members to bring 4 images per/person for evaluation and review.

  1. Upcoming meetings in October

Tuesday 17 October: Interesting Stuff with Justin Minns

Justin Minns is an award-winning professional landscape photographer, best known for atmospheric images of East Anglia

“The thrill of watching the first light of the day creep over the frozen stillness of a wintry landscape, while the air and my fingers tingle with the cold, and the challenge of capturing the atmosphere of moments like this is what it is all about.”

A quest to find interesting subjects to photograph is one of the things that keeps me motivated, the question is what makes an interesting photograph, the subject or the photographer?


Tuesday 24 October: Print Competition 1

Judge is Peter Cox

Our first Print Competition of the season

Tuesday 30 October: “The Art and Science of Studio Techniques” with Tony McMaster of Camera Club Live

The first half of the presentation it all about the Science, f stop, inverse square law, flash energy, etc. Sounds a bit daunting but I will make it as interactive as possible with lots of audience participation.

Then after the break the second half will be practical sill life table top shoots, with your members being able to use their own cameras to capture some pictures.

Please encourage your members to, not only bring their cameras but also, bring along interesting things (not too big) to photograph.

Tony runs a You Tube channel Camera Club Live which has over 14,000 subscribers. See this channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/cameraclublive


  1. Members news

Images from the Digital Darkroom featuring Uwe and Bharat

14-28 October, 2023

The Barn Gallery, Oxford

St. John’s College, 21 St. Gile’s, OX1 3JS

Images by Uwe Ackermann and Bharat Patel, plus video art by Terry Flaxton


Photography for a Purpose – with Bharat Patel

Frames Magazine interviews Bharat. See the interview on You Tube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39rFGLnEcB4

Photographer wanted

Former member Carmelina is looking for a photographer. Please see her message below:

We are looking for a photographer to take some pictures at a 70th birthday in central Oxford on Sunday 3rd December at lunchtime, about 12-1pm.  There are 14 family guests and we would like access to the pictures or prints to be available. If anyone is interested or knows someone they could recommend please get them to contact me with a quote or to discuss further details.


  1. General photographic interest

Weather Photographer of the Year 2023: see the winners!

Surreal volcano photo takes home this year’s main prize


Photographic enigmas, chewing gum paintings and ice-skating clergy – the week in art

Explore the large-format photographer who shot Dalí and Diana, a new Turbine Hall installation and endangered street art – all in your weekly dispatch


One kissa is all it takes: Tokyo’s finest jazz haunts – in pictures

Jazz kissa are niche Japanese cafes stacked with whisky, vinyl and high-end audio systems. Philip Arneill captured their unique charm


A feast of photography: the AOP awards 2023

The Association of Photographers has revealed the winners of its 38th annual awards. Images of delectable dishes inspired by the excesses of Marie Antoinette, overflowing rubbish bins and reimagined historical events were among the victors


Fay Godwin’s land of hope: Britain’s scenic beauty – in pictures

From stormy skies to lonely trees, Godwin’s stunning landscape photography went hand in hand with her environmental campaigning


The Evenki people, custodians of the resources of Yakutia – photo essay

The north of Russia conceals innumerable riches such as gold and diamonds – but also Indigenous cultures. The Evenki are Indigenous people of reindeer herders who guided Russian prospectors to mineral deposits, helping the industrial development of the Soviet Union. Today, their homeland is massively felled, riverbeds are ransacked and groundwater is polluted



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