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About Exhibitions

Photographic Exhibitions are held throughout the world, many photographic institutions host them, inviting photographers to submit their work for acceptance.

They are usually split by category, General, nature, Travel and most recently Digital imaging, you can enter up to 4 pictures in each category for which there is a fee.

Each picture is judged by a panel of three judges they can score up to 5 each, usually pictures with a score of 11 and above are accepted into the exhibition.

Each exhibition has its own set of medals and ribbons for the best pictures, there is always a printed catalogue and the exhibitions are displayed at different venues, many are now online too.

Acceptance into these exhibitions is the measure for the PAGB awards at the D and M levels so if you are also thinking of trying for these awards, entering your pictures in to exhibitions can be a very good benchmark for the standard of your work.

I hope you find this page useful and can I invite you to submit accepted pictures for our Exhibition galleries.