Our weekly talks, presentations and competitions give members a stimulating and varied programme of photographic genres, subject matter and practices and also give members the opportunity to share their photographs and photographic projects. The programme begins in September and runs through to the end of the following May.



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05 Sep 23 7:30 pm
Documentary, Member, Street
Pete Warrington
12 Sep 23 7:30 pm
Craig Jones, Wildlife Photographer
19 Sep 23 7:30 pm
JP Stone via Zoom in the Band Hall
26 Sep 23 7:30 pm
Competitions, PDI Competition
03 Oct 23 7:30 pm
Competitions, PDI Competition
Eddy Lane
10 Oct 23 7:30 pm
Group Event
17 Oct 23 7:30 pm
Justin Minns
24 Oct 23 7:30 pm
Competitions, Print Competition
Peter Cox
31 Oct 23 7:30 pm
Tony McMaster with Ian Bray
01 Nov 23 7:30 pm
Competitions, Rosebowl
To be held via ZOOM - Away at Princess Risborough
Sutton Courtney Reed Bed – Pete Warrington
Buffalo at Night – Keith Worthington
Lilacbreasted Roller – Dave Stroud