OXFORD PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY is a progressive photographic club which has been in existence for over a hundred years.

Our membership includes everyone from beginners to high-end achievers and as a club we are well respected within the U.K. photographic fraternity.

We meet in Temple Cowley, Oxford on Tuesday evenings, full details here.

Our new web site will, hopefully, give you an insight into the eclectic mix of genres from street, wildlife, abstract and landscape photography taken on anything from smartphones to top of the range digital equipment.

Please, take some time to browse through and, if you like what you see, come and join us for an evening of photography.

Ivor Porter
Chair Person


Upcoming Events

  1. DI Competition No 3

    24 April @ 19:45 - 22:00
  2. Panel Competition

    1 May @ 19:45 - 22:00
  3. Southampton International Exhibition

    8 May @ 19:45 - 22:00
  4. Workshop

    15 May @ 19:45 - 22:00
  5. Best of the Year

    22 May @ 19:45 - 22:00
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