Bharat's Exhibition at the JR

Bharat Patel has just begun his exhibition "Nomads of India through the Lens” at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

There are numerous nomadic communities in India who have played an important role in society for many generations. Tragically they are now some of the most marginalised people of India. The specialised trades of these nomadic communities have meant that settling in one place was virtually impossible. Without addresses or birth certificates they are invisible to the authorities. This exhibition depicts their present lifestyle, showing some of the problems and prejudices they face from society in general, as well as the influence The Raj has had in branding some of these communities as criminals.

One NGO is trying to turn the tide for these nomads and their story forms part of the exhibition. Images will be for sale and all profits from the sale will go towards the charity he works for. Attached are examples of images in the exhibition. There will be a total 30 images many in A1 size frames.

The Exhibition runs from 14th September to 15th December 2014

At “The Link Gallery” (level ‘0’),

John Radcliffe Hospital,

Headley Way,


Oxford OX3 9DU.

Nearest parking is at Car Park 1.