Studio Photography

With studio based photography the photographer is in control of all of the elements involved in the finished image and is not held hostage to the weather and poor lighting conditions.

Studio photography is not limited to photographing people, and covers Table Top, Still Life, Product, Portraiture and Figure work. Lighting can be On Camera Flash, Studio Flash or Incandescent Lights, and for the adventurous you could always try daylight or available light. A studio can be set up in any suitably sized room, and the background can be a roll of paper, cloth backdrop or a formal room setting depending on where you are working.

It is hoped that we can get at least five or six people interested in each studio shoot. These sessions are open to all, whether novice or experienced. The intention is to have fun and learn using different techniques. Invite friends or family members who may want to be photographed. They could walk away with some great shots. Some sessions would be with professional models. It is hoped that we come away with good knowledge of lighting and start taking great family portraits at home or in a studio.

A well equipped studio is conveniently located near the South Park and is available till late night and week ends though I think Sundays would be more practical for all.

There will be a need to make a small charge to attend these meetings as there will be hire costs involved.
If you are interested in attending or taking part in a studio shoot or workshop please let me know as soon as possible.


  Bharat Patel   


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