Competition Rules

OPS members are invited to participate in a range of competitions throughout the season. Competition entries are assessed by an invited judge, who is usually an active member of another camera club and holder of recognised awards from The Royal Photographic Society and/or the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. Trophies are awarded to the winner of each competition; gift vouchers are also awarded. Photographers of all ability levels are encouraged to enter, primarily to receive feedback from the judge and compare their work and the comments received, to other entries.

All competitions will be split into two Groups A & B. Group A is for experienced club photographers (use Exp in titles) and Group B is for newer members (use Nov in titles). Each group will be scored separately and will have their own league and winners. The judges will be advised to comment and mark accordingly.

 General Rules - All Competitions

  1. Members must have paid the annual subscription for the current season before entries will be accepted for any club competition.
  2. The content of all entries must be the work of the photographer - the competition secretary reserves the right to refuse any entry that might be considered likely to cause offence.
  3. Any digital manipulation must be by the photographer.
  4. All entries must be taken and processed by the photographer.
  5. Prints may be produced by the photographer or trade printed.
  6. All photographs must be entered by the competition deadline. Late entries will not be accepted under any circumstances and the competition secretary has no discretion to vary from this rule.
  7. Any entry that does not satisfy the rules or the ‘spirit of the rules’ as determined by the committee, shall be excluded.
  8. The author of each image entered in a regular club competition will have the option to supply supplementary information, limited to a maximum of 8 words per image, to be read out with the image title. The supplementary information must be strictly limited to matters of fact relating to the subject and production of the image and can be excluded at the discretion of the Internal Competition Secretary e.g. it can be helpful to state if an animal picture was taken in the wild.
  9. Entries must be .jpeg or .tiff format and full details of how to submit are available on the website at (look for Entering Digital Competitions in the competition guide on the home page) or from the competition secretary.
  10. Files will be judged at actual size up to a maximum size of 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high and files should be submitted at this size. This ratio does not match most file sizes so landscape entries are typically 1400 pixels wide with a black band top and bottom, whilst portrait entries are 1050 pixels high with a wide black band left and right.

  11. Digital files must be uploaded via competition software. Please note this system has a deadline and late entries will be rejected (as will incorrectly formatted entries).
  12. Prints, including mount, must be no larger than 40 x 50 cm.
  13. Prints must be mounted on card and bear the title and photographer’s name on the back.
  14. Prints must be presented to the Internal Competition Secretary, on the evening of the print competition.

League - three separate competitions spread over several rounds during each season; competitors accumulate points and the highest points total wins.

  • · Open - Projected Image Competition
  • · Open - Monochrome Print Competition
  • · Open - Colour Print Competition

League Rules 

  1. The same image may only ever appear once in each league competition.
  2. The same image may not appear in more than one league competition in the same season.
  3. Over the course of three seasons, the same image may be used in different league competition, namely projected image, colour print and monochrome print. (Please note General Rule 7; it would be regarded as acting against the spirit of the competition to submit near identical images in more than one league competition during one season e.g. the next numbered file from a sequence of the same subject).
  4. Entries that have appeared in other non-league competitions (e.g. Take 5, Panel Competition) are not excluded from league competitions, so long as the individual league rules are complied with.
  5. A maximum of two entries per member will be permitted in each round of each league competition.
  6. The season’s competition will consist of three rounds.
  7. End of year totals will be the total of a possible six scores.
  8. Entrants will compete in one of two groups.
  9. All competitions will be split into two groups A & B. Group A is for experienced club photographers (use Exp in titles) and Group B is for newer members (use Nov in titles). Each group will be scored separately and will have their own league and winners. The judges will be advised to comment and mark accordingly. Members will be allocated to a group based on their level of experience by the Internal Competition Secretary.
  10. Each competition round will have a winner and a gift voucher will be awarded.
  11. A winner’s trophy will be awarded at the end of the season.
  12. All competitions will have an ‘open’ subject and will be scored from 20
  13. Projected image entries may be colour, monochrome, duotone etc.
  14. For Monochrome print competitions, monochrome is defined as B&W or a single toned print.


 Take 5 - an annual competition intended to showcase recent work for selection in inter-club competitions

 Take 5 Rules 

  1. All entries must be new work and not previously used in any Internal competition.
  2. Club members and visitors will judge the competition, scoring each image in accordance with the current system.
  3. Entries may be used in other competitions.
  4. A maximum of five entries per member is permitted.
  5. The first three places will be announced. A gift voucher will be awarded to the winner.


Panel Competition (projected images and prints)

Panel Competition Rules 

  1. Separate projected image and print competitions open to all members.
  2. Entries may be used individually in other competitions.
  3. Each set of pictures should explore and represent a stated theme.
  4. Sets can be presented as a 
    • single digital image (DI), comprising of two to six individual images (NB: this number includes any image used as a background; plain colour backgrounds do not count as an image)
    • panel of two to six prints, comprising separate prints (each on their own paper) mounted on any number of boards ranging from one to six.
  5. A maximum of two sets per member will be permitted; options are therefore
    • two DI sets, or
    • two print sets, or
    • one DI set and one print set
  6. Please note the overall number of entries may need to be reduced on the night if the volume is not manageable.
  7. Prints should be supplied with a display plan to show the position in which they should be viewed in two rows.
  8. Entries will not be scored and the following trophies and a gift voucher will be awarded to the winners:

Projected - Trevor Jones Medal
Prints - Club Cup