Competition Guide


Hi, I am Magda Wolna, the Internal Competition Secretary.


Steve Field and I will be making the arrangements, and running the Internal competitions this season.


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Digital Competitions

Preparation: before you can enter you first need to prepare your pictures for projection. Files will be projected at a maximum of 1400 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high (a ratio of 4x3).This is the native resolution of the projector, and also that used in many other external competitions. Submitted images must not exceed either of these sizes.

Landscape images of a ratio 4x3 or wider, must be no more than 1400 pixels wide.

Portrait images, and other images narrower than 4x3 (e.g. square) must be no more than 1050 pixels high.

Here is one way you can prepare your pictures using Photoshop:

  1. Open your picture, making sure the background layer should is locked.
  2. Then go to Image>Resize>Image size… in the Image size dialogue box, tick the resample box and constrain proportions boxes.
  3. In the Pixel Dimension boxes type the relevant new size for your picture, either width or height. See above.  The other dimension will change to suit; just check this doesn’t exceed the limits. If it is not, then you need to change this dimension so it is. This will alter the first dimension set, but this doesn’t matter.
  4. When you save the resized image, use File>SaveAs… then check the Color: ICC Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1 box, and select either JPEG or TIFF as your ‘Format’ from the drop down menu.
  5. For the ‘File name:’ you must use one of the naming conventions below. This is to allow us to use the competition viewing software PhotoCompManager.
  6. Click ‘OK’ to save the image. Note: if you are saving as JPEG ensure you set the quality to maximum from the drop down menu or Quality number 12. This will stop any unwanted file compression.

File Naming conventions:

Nov#(members name)#A(space)title, and optionally Nov#(members name)#B(space)title

Exp#members name#A(space)title, and optionally Exp#(members name)#B(space)title

If you want to compete in the A Division put Exp (for experienced) and if you want to compete in the B Division put Nov (for novice) apologies, but it is what the software requires; it does not reflect what we think of the members competing in the B Division).
#  allows the program to decode the elements of the file name. A or B in the title represents the order you want the images to be shown in. It doesn't matter about upper case/lower case, whatever you use the program can decode as long as the elements in the file name are in the right order, and separated by #s. It doesn't matter if random spaces are deliberately or inadvertently introduced. The brackets are not part of the member’s name, or used between the order letter and Image title. Spaces can be used in the member name and/or the Title. Please keep the ‘members name’ consistent throughout the season in order that all your scores are totalled at the end.


Exp#steve field#A Snowy Post no. 312 
Exp#steve field#B Snowy Mountain no. 210

For the Take 5 competition name the files as follows:
A/B/C/D/E#your name#title 

A#steve field#snowy peak 
B#steve field#icy post 
C#steve field#landscape with snow 
D#steve field#tree 
E#steve field#another tree 

Please, no spaces immediately before or after the # symbols. Spaces here will throw the order in the slide show out and mess up the scoring! 

If we can all consistently use this formatting system, the competitions will flow more smoothly and you will get score feedback, running totals and league positions on the website shortly after each competition. I hope you agree that the extra effort is worth it.

Apple Mac users who have no # key on their keyboard, can find it under Edit> Special characters.


Images must be submitted at least one week before the evening of the competiton.

You can submit on CD or USB memory stick We will have the laptop available for you to submit your entries at most meetings and I we are happy to take entries at any time before the competition closing date.

For technical and practical reasons it will NOT be possible to take entries for competitions on the evening of the competition.


Print Competitions

To enter a print you will need to mount it on board. Most people use a 40x50cm board regardless of their print size – it does help to make the picture look more impressive. Whilst this is the maximum size board you can use a smaller board, if you prefer. Board can be purchased pre-cut or in A1 size from art supplies shops or Office World. A1 will provide at least two competition boards.

Colour choice is of course yours, although white is the most popular as it is neutral and helps display the print regardless of its colour range. Black or grey boards are also used, but heavily coloured boards are best avoided unless you are confident it will help your presentation.

To mount the picture directly on the board you can use spray adhesive or double sided tape (available from WH Smith; office suppliers etc). Most people cut an aperture in the board using a mat cutter, which gives a professional beveled edge. These range in price, up to top quality cutters by Logan, which cost £50+ although they are worth the price if you plan to enter competitions regularly. Mat cutters can be bought from art supplies shops, whilst masking tape to hold the picture in place can be obtained from DIY stores.

Finally your print should have your name and title on the back; if it is not obvious also indicate which way up the picture should be viewed with and arrow or ‘top’ written on the back.